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Computer Science Weeklong

Class Description:

In this version of CS00a, students will cover an entire semester of content in one week. Even though students are not required to have studied Java before, they should have either a bit of programming experience or the maturity to participate in a high school level class. The minimum age for this course is 13, but students and parents should be aware that this is much faster than our previous fundamentals courses. Students must be able to apply conceptual understanding shortly after learning the material, and students will have 2.5 days to cover the entire Java language from variables to classes. The last 2.5 days consist of independent project time, and the students will present their final projects as part of a formal presentation for students and parents on Friday at 3:30pm. An awards ceremony takes place afterwards, with judging notes and prizes. Based off of instructor recommendation, students finishing this course may take CS00a or CS00b.


14 years old or familiarity with a high-level programming language (Java, Python, C++, etc).

Class Features:
Class Project(s)

Students will have an indepedent project. These will compete in a comeptition with a presentation and an awards ceremony.
Student Support:
Audio Lectures

We provide pre-recorded Audio Lectures to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.

About Weeklong classes:

Doodle Jump: Click to Play! The goal of the game is to keep on the moving platforms, and not fall off the screen. There are timer for the platforms that dictates its' movement, speed, and direction.

Orbits: A click creates a planet (white circle). The red circle is the sun. The blue line visually shows the velocity effector (points to where the planet it is going), and the red line shows the acceleration of the planet

In-Person Class Options:

4 Militia Dr. #15 Lexington, MA

Winter Break
5 full-day lessons
Mon Feb 18 - Fri Feb 22
9:00-3:00pm ET (extended stay to 6pm available)
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Spring Break
5 full-day lessons
Mon Apr 15 - Fri Apr 19
9:00-3:00pm ET (extended stay to 6pm available)
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