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Intermediate Algorithms

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Our homework is done online
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Office hours are led by our highly qualified teaching assistants. It is an easy and free way to get immediate feeback on your code. Our homework is difficult - office hours can help you overcome obstacles and develop a stronger understanding of the material!
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We provide a online, interactive, Java & Algorithms textbook to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.
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Double Pendulum Simulation: Mathimatically named "Chaos".

Centipede: When shot, the circles on the centipede turns into squares, which becomes barriers.

Fern Stepped: A demo of the topic Recursions.

Mine Sweeper:Demo of the Algorithm: Flood Fill

Gradient Fill: Demo of the Algorithm: Flood Fill. The red dots define certain areas, so when it floods, those areas become the starting points for the color flood.

Merge Sort Algorithm Demo: The rectangles are sorted by height using the algorithm.

Linked List: Demo of data structure called Link List

Electric Tree: Graph Search Demo The further away from the root, the greater the color shift.

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Summer Evening

Summer Evening
18 daily lessons
July 8-12,15-19,22-26,29-31
5:40pm - 6:40pm ET

Fall Semester

Fall Semester
18 weekly lessons
Wed Sep 4 - Jan 22
7:25pm - 8:25pm ET
Fall Semester
18 weekly lessons
Fri Sep 6 - Jan 24
4:10pm - 5:10pm ET
Fall Semester
18 weekly lessons
Sat Sep 7 - Jan 25
4:10pm - 5:10pm ET