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CS92: USACO Prep Class

For placement into USA Computing Olympiad Platinum


Prerequisites: Instructor approval. Prior completion of USACO Silver or equivalent recommended. CS02a recommended. This intensive competition prep course covers algorithms common to the USA Computing Olympiad contest.

Course Content

  1. Dynamic Programming (1-Dimension)
  2. Dynamic Programming (2-Dimensions)
  3. Advanced Dynamic Programming, Numbers in Different Bases, Combinatorics
  4. Greedy Algorithms and Priority Queues
  5. Minimum Spanning Tree, Union find data structure
  6. Graphs, Breadth-First Search and Flood-fill
  7. Priority Queues, Comparators, Minimum Spanning Tree
  8. Dijkstra's Algorithm
  9. Dijkstra's Algorithm 2
  10. Sorting, Divide and Conquer Algorithms
  11. Graph Representations. Breadth-First Search
  12. TreeMaps
    • Plane Sweep
    • Common Greedy Algorithms
    • Hashing, Simulation Problems
    • Harder problems
    • Harder problems
    • Harder problems
    • Review
    • Review

Sample in class projects