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Javablocks Beginner with an English Emphasis

Class Description:


Class Features:
Class Project(s)
Students will build, test, and publish their own game on the scratch system
Some Optional Homework

Our homework is done online
Our Proprietary In-Browser Coding Platform.
The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Most coding classes require software downloads, which is difficult and a hassle for young students. Our platform supports Processing, Javablocks™, HTML/CSS, and a bunch of libraries (like Soundcipher and Fiscia!). This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our student's passion for learning.
Student Support:
Class Recordings

We provide recordings of our classes for if a student misses or needs to re-listen to a class.
Parent Support:
Student Progress Report

KTBYTE will e-mail parents with behavior and grade progess reports.

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18-Day Full Semester

18-Day Full Semester
9 weekly lessons
Sat - Sat Jun 6 - Jul 29
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET
With Coupon: $----
18-Day Full Semester
9 weekly lessons
Fri - Fri Jun 12 - Aug 7
9:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET
With Coupon: $----