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Game Design with Processing (Weeklong)

Class Description:

(Please contact us if you would like us to open additional weeks during the summer besides what is already listed) Prior to this class, students should have some exposure to building projects in a procedural language (e.g. JavaBlocks, Python, etc). Students should also have advanced math experience and a typing speed of over 20 words per minute. Unlike with Scratch or JavaBlocks, students will get to build low-level components such as sprites, buttons, 'objects' and physics based logic functions. Syntax emphasized in this course includes array-lists, functions, and complex loop constructions. In this week-long course, Students will be working together to construct and complete projects. They will learn how to talk about their code in a way that encourages feed-back and constructive criticism. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on planning and outlining projects before diving into coding. Unlike the CS0x courses, students will not be required to present their project in a formal ceremony, but they will nonetheless upload their Java application to be playable online. Based off of instructor recommendation, students finishing this course may take FUN3a, FUN3b, or CS00a.


Familiarity in some programming language (Scractch, Processing, etc).

Class Features:
Class Project(s)

Students will create a processing project that they will present to the class.
Student Support:
Audio Lectures

We provide pre-recorded Audio Lectures to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.

About Weeklong classes:

Dino Jump created in Processing: The dino needs to jump past the cactuses to win points. The collision detection in the game is typed manually rather than have it provided in Scratch.

Making Circles Game created in Processing: Clicking on various locations creates a circle.

Saturation Game created in Processing: This is a demo of a button, in the form of a white rectangle, and the use of manual detection of clicks that changes the saturation of the red background.

Brick Drop Game created in Processing: This game is a demo of how lists work.

Clock timer created in Processing

Laser Show Pattern created in Processing: This illustration randomizes RGB values, and draws it frame by frame. The lines are loops that loop through end points for each straight line, which creates the curved pattern.

Platformer Game created in Processing: Character jumping on platforms (In-Class game demo).

Rainbow Animation created in Processing: Rectangles are drawn from left to right. The color is determined by the x position, and the cursor acts as an offset.

Scrolling Text animation created in Processing: The text moves upward, followed by an image.

In-Person Class Options:

4 Militia Dr. #15 Lexington, MA

Winter Break
5 full-day lessons
Mon Feb 18 - Fri Feb 22
9:00-3:00pm ET (extended stay to 6pm available)
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Spring Break
5 full-day lessons
Mon Apr 15 - Fri Apr 19
9:00-3:00pm ET (extended stay to 6pm available)
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