Make a Pacman Game!


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Class Description:

In this 6-lesson course, students make a classic Pacman-style arcade game. We spend substantial time on the design, visuals, logic and testing of the game. This class gives beginners the essentials of code concepts needed for the project and assumes no prior programming experience, but proceeds at a brisk pace also suitable for students with some prior experience. Code and design concepts covered include 2-dimensional arrays, timers, 2-dimensional graphics effects, and artificial intelligence in games.


Age 11+ or instructor approval. Some experience with typed-out programming helpful, but not required.

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in [PACMAN]

Pacman Game: Learn to make your very own Pacman game using typed-out Java code!


Variables and Conditionals

Learn the basics of using variables and conditionals in our chosen programming environment.

Functions and Sprites

Introduce the concept of a library for working with Sprites, and learn to make code reusable with functions.

Basic Gameplay

Use what we've learned so far to complete a prototype of our game!

Levels and Graphics

Add levels to our game and learn tricks for improving how they appear to the player.

Customizing Your Game

Improve the way your game looks and add extra features like a start screen with instructions or different characters!

Finishing Touches and Presentations

Make final edits to the game and present what we've accomplished as a class!