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Python Level 4


Class Description:

Python for Advanced Beginners is your passport to understanding the complexities of Python. We will start by quickly reviewing the basics – variables, lists, loops, conditionals, etc. – before diving into Python's advanced features. You will learn how to condense multi-line statements into simple list comprehensions, understand objects and all their quirks, and grasp what makes Python the language of choice for applications ranging from cancer research to high-performance web applications such as YouTube. We will then conclude the course with a short project where you will control, process, and then visualize data using Python and a library or two! We will be using industry-standard tools throughout this course, so you will know how Python is developed in the real world.


Age 13+ or instructor approval. 30 wpm typing speed. Familiarity with algebra.

Sample Projects:


All Class Times

9-Week Full Semester

Sat Jul 3 - Sat Aug 28
7:25 PM - 8:25 PM ET
5 lessons
Main Teacher:
Daniel Katz**
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** Instructors currently scheduled are not guaranteed and could change at KTBYTE's discretion