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Smart Things Program Weeklong (Beginner)

Class Description:

Want to learn a very powerful hardware and a very popular software simultaneously? Want to sense the world by what you create, control the world by you and what you create, and know the surroundings at anytime from anywhere? Here it comes! KTBYTE Smart Things Program.

In RS11, the students will learn the basics of a very powerful and popular single-board computer – Raspberry Pi. We will also introduce you the basics of Python (a great place to start Python!). We will teach you a variety of sensors, a variety of actuators, and help you to connect them and control them using Raspberry Pi.

Required Hardware: a Raspberry Pi kit and accessories (~$100).

In-Person Class Options:

4 Militia Dr. #15 Lexington, MA

5 full-day lessons
Mon Feb 18 - Fri Feb 22
9:00am - 3:00pm ET
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