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  • Week 1: If Statement

    We will begin the new semester with a comprehensive review of how we've been using if statements thus far, and why they are a good choice for doing lots of different tasks.

  • Week 2: Making a working slider

    Sometimes, we'll want to have interactive elements to our projects. We've already covered buttons, but what about a slider that can adjust something on a scale. If this project, we'll make a functioning slider that affects the background color.

  • Week 3: Making a Momentum Game!

    We've made games that simulate gravity before, but now we're going to make a game that actually allows us to simulate momentum. We're going to make a ball-toss game. This project will make use of a new variable called pmouseX and pmouseY.

  • Week 4: Using Functions to make Art

    Here, we will continue working with functions and arguments. This lesson will focus on how we can use one function to accomplish a series of tasks depending on what arguments it receives. We will also look at how to link functions together, so that we don't have to worry about calling our functions as often.

  • Week 5: Making a GIF

    For a while, students have been clamoring for animated GIFs in JavaBlocks. Today, we will be doing just that!

  • Week 6: Making Flappy-Bird

    This week, we're going to start making another game: Flappy-Bird. This game took to mobile gaming market by storm about 5 years ago, and its effects can still be felt. It is a fairly simple game, with some hidden depth. I want to see how much of this game the students can work out on their own before we start handing them code, so give them ample time to work stuff out on their own!

  • Week 7: Flappy Birds, pt.2

    This week, we will continue to work on our Flappy-Bird clone.Last week we built the bird, and made it flap. We also added the start and reset screen. This week, we're going to be making the pipes, and making the hit-detection for those pipes. The Project is in the same PSET as last week, so the students should just open their project from last week.

  • Week 8: Hot and Cold game

    This week, we will be using the distance block and some variables to create a treasure hunting game. This game will rely on sound, color, and hidden values to challenge the player to locate hidden treasure on the game map. This game will focus on coordinate systems, and the Sound Cipher Library

  • Week 9: Space Invaders

    This week we'll work on space invaders

  • Week 10: Bebras Challenge day

    Today, we will be participating in the global computation challenge known as the "Bebras Challenge". Students will be tasked with solving computation problems at various skill levels. For every tier that a student completes, they will receive a certificate stating their completion of the challenge.

  • Week 11: Space Invaders 2

    This week we'll continue work on space invaders

  • Week 12: Flip Cards

    Today, we will do more practice with ArrayLists by making a flip card project.

  • Week 13: Tank Game

    Today, we will combine the Maze game and Space Invader game we did in the past to make a 2-player Tank game.

  • Week 14: Projects

    Students chose web game and we analyzed them and broke them down into their component parts.

  • Week 15: Projects Continued

    Work on your projects during class.

  • Week 16: Projects Continued

    Worked on projects during class

  • Week 17: Projects Continued

    Worked on projects during class

  • Week 18: Projects Continued

    Worked on projects during class

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