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Week-Long Full-Day Programming Courses


Week-long classes course are in the style of a computer camp. Students intensively learn computer science with our full time instructors.

Extended Stay:

All week-long classes have the option for extended stay until 6pm for parents who cannot pick students up when class ends.

Course Details:

Individualized project (public showcase for CS00a students)

9am - 3pm ET, extended day to 6pm available.

4 Militia Dr. #15 Lexington, MA


FUN1-Computing Fundamentals

Learn how to make games and interactive programs! In this introductory course, students learn the basics of computer programming using the Scratch drop-and-drop programming environment. Basic programming logic like variables, loops, conditionals and events, as well as coordinate math, will be covered. Students will also learn how to fundamental computer skills like keyboard shortcuts and editing, uploading, and downloading images and audio. Typing proficiency not required; recommended for ages 9-12.

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Example Project:

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PRECS-Pre Computer Science

This in-person course is designed for students transitioning from Scratch or other block-based programming environments into Java, their first text-based programming language. Unlike our Intro to Computer Science course, this course covers basic Java programming at a much gentler pace. Typing speed of 20 WPM recommended, but not required. Students use the Processing environment to learn programming logic and basic graphics programming. At the end of this course, students should be able to understand and modify code for simple projects made in Processing.

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CS00a- Intro to Computer Science

This is a project oriented introduction to Computer Science using the Java language. Students learn basic progamming concepts and apply it through weekly graphical mini-projects and homework assignments. Students create their own graphical progam / game as a final project for this class.

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CS00a students will present their projects starting at 3:30pm every Friday; parents are encouraged to attend. End time depends on class size.


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