KTBYTE Workshop Classes

Class Size: Small

Ages: 14-16

Schedule: Flexible

Workshops are geared for both beginners and advanced programmers, as students with experience will sharpen their skills as they apply their knowledge to domains they have not explored yet, such as audio-creation, physics simulation and web development.

Students will build skills and receive evaluation in categories such as engagement, understanding, problem solving, technical competency, mathematical competency, and work ethic. Additionally, the instructor will also conference with the parents to discuss the students’ performance and future directions at the conclusion of each workshop!

Computational Design

This live, online class is a hands-on introduction to computational design and creativity using Java, with a goal of creating a mesmerizing, abstract vistas using the concept of deterministic and pseudo-randomness. This fun workshop allows for the integration of the digital with the physical...

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An Audible Introduction to Java Programming

Digital Audio Workstations—or DAWs for short, is essentially software for making music, and we are going components. In this workshop, students learn the keys of computer science through the creation of...

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Make a Painting APP with Java Programming

Digital art tools are some of the most popular apps and programs around today. From Ms-paint on Windows and Kid Pix on Macintosh, drawing programs have always been a popular way for kids to express themselves artistically on their computers. Even today, finger painting...

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A Visual Introduction to Java Programming

Image manipulation software is a booming industry. From Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites to Photoshop and Aftereffects, there are no shortage of ways to customize your pictures. But have you ever wondered how, exactly, these photo-manipulation...

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Intro to Web Design and Coding

In this workshop, we will show you how to build a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

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Bridge Physics Simulations

Physics simulations are on the cutting edge of technology, and are highly sought after by engineers, technicians, and game designers alike to help replicate real world scenarios. They build digital bridges, structures, or whatever is needed, then subject it to simulated...

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Game Creation Workshop

In this Workshop, we will explore the origins of Video-Games, and re-create some of the classics from long ago. Using Java, we will build 3 different games and explore how we could add our own flair to them. We'll also learn about what is required to keep score, manage...

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