Announcing KTBYTE Contests

Weekly contests ranging for beginners to advanced.

New Opportunity.

Every Saturday night, students have the opportunity to assess their CS abilities and compete with their fellow KTBYTE students. Competition will be for beginners to advanced (Level 1 - 6 /classes).


Both existing and non-existing KTBYTE students can participate. Existing KTBYTE students have the benefit of getting to join the final competition


Saturday, March 20th, 2021 at 6:30:00 PM GMT-04:00
Contests start
Weeklong classes
Contests ends


What is the Contest?
KTBYTE is launching a contest that allows more students a fun way to learn computer science. The KTBYTE contest will be open to younger students that typically have few competition options in elementary school, as well as middle and high school students. Students will get to explore CS concepts through puzzles that touch all sorts of applied topics, from gaming, science, social science, the arts, and more.
Winners will be featured in our Newsletter and on the leaderboard on the KTBYTE Website. In the future we will be offering prizes to students who finish at the top of their level, the more contests you compete in at your level the better your score will be, so make sure to compete in all of your difficulty level contests!

How do I participate in the Contest?
To participate students will need to go to Once you are there you will hit get started, you will see a list of contests and if the contest is open you can begin right away, if not you will need to wait for the contest to open.

How do I see my score?
To see your individual score you can view your contest progress report. To view how you rank compared to other students you can go to the leaderboard!

How do I know which difficulty level is right for me?

There are 3 difficulty levels within this competition and you are allowed to participate in any of them:

When is the contest?

This contest will run weekly. Each week we will push out a problem set for one of the difficulty levels. For the first week of the contest, you will have an entire week to work through the problems. In the following contest, you will have the weekend to complete the contest.
Students must register to participate.