2016 November 1k Contest

Winners announced

1st Place: Platforn Race by Larry

Judging Notes: 999 Bytes! This game is not only playable, but comes with a level map. The 1k was enough for a collisions-detection implementation and even an instruction text!

2nd Place (Non-Game): Buffon's Needles by Rocky

Judging Notes: This PI (3.14159) estimator clocked in at 963 bytes. We're really happy to see a math based project!

2nd Place (Game): Argument Resolver by Ben and Bryant

Judging Notes: These first time submitters used classes and object oriented programming. Note that even though the minified code is over 1000 characters, it's still under 1024, which is a kilobyte.

A tiny code game/visualization competition!

Welcome to the KTBYTE 1k Contest for U.S. Middle + High School Students! This regularly occuring contest aims to support pre-college computer science education. Furthermore, this competition aims to promote creativity and design.

1k competitions use Processing.js and Processing 3.1 Java. Your application must work in both, and the application must max 1kb of code. Click on the pictures above to see past entrants.


We have 3 prizes

  1. $30 - Best Project under 1k
  2. $15 - 2nd Best Game under 1k
  3. $15 - 2nd Best Non-Game under 1k



Getting Started

Check out similar competitions such as the Java 4k competition or js1k javascript competition. You may even find the International Obfuscated C Code Contest useful for ideas on compressing code

Take a look at past projects at the showcase. Also take a look at projects done by the online community at openprocessing.org (includes college student and adults' projects)


Judges will consider four measures when ranking projects:

  1. The popularity of the submission according to votes (voting will begin after the submission deadline)
  2. The technical complexity of the submission
  3. The subjective appeal of the submission (including performance in the browser / other devices)
  4. The uniqueness of the submission