KTBYTE takes the well-being of our students and staff seriously. We require all of our in-person staff to be vaccinated. We are also implementing the following policy to keep our students safe during the pandemic.

For in-person class, we require students and staff to:

  • Wear mask at all times
  • Remain 3-ft during class apart per MA DOE COVID guideline
  • Fill out daily health declarations confirming that they have no COVID symptoms.
  • Bring their own masks

In the office, we will provide:

  • Daily temperature checks for staff and students
  • Extra masks and sanitizers
  • Daily sanitation of loaner laptop (if needed) and surface

In the event a student/staff has suspected/confirmed COVID cases:

  • If someone has COVID-like symptoms, they will be sent home
  • Students will have an option to get credit to continue another week
  • If someone in our school is confirmed COVID within 2 weeks of taking classes with us, we will switch the class to be conducted online.