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KTBYTE provides computer science education that is fun, accessible, and challenging. Our instructor-led online and in-person classes, for students ages 8-18, are taught by dedicated and experienced instructors.

Our Curriculum

Tailored curriculum by a team of expert instructors for students to achieve excellence.

KTBYTE helped me place into USA Computing Olympiad gold.
..And.. KTBYTE helped me place into USACO gold. My coding abilities helped me become a summer intern in a Computational Neuroscience lab at a Medical School. CS has served as a foundation for me to excel in all maths and sciences and has changed my frame of mind completely.

Patrick, 17

As a teaching assistant, I've been able to understand other programming styles and incorporate them into my own code. I've [also] been able to learn and incorporate other styles into my own work, which has been really cool and rewarding.

Jackson, 14

I feel proud that I can do cool things like use Photoshop, Wabbit Emu, and other programs. I also like touch typing, which [has made] me better at usingthe computer.

Olivia, 8

My school forced us to take CS in sixth grade, and honestly I hated it… but when I went to a KTBYTE summer [weeklong course], we were doing projects that really got me interested in the applications of coding. From that point on I actually liked CS.
I've been able to apply concepts that I've learned in CS to many other aspects of my life. KTBYTE got me interested in CS in the first place. If it weren't for the fun, challenging, and frankly amazing teaching that I experienced at my first KTBYTE camp, and every class since, I probably never would've become the CS enthusiast that I am today.

Kristen, 17

Learning computer science is really educational, and it is a useful skill and it's fun most of the time for all ages. It can help me to get a job in the future. During the classes, I also get to meet new people. The teachers are super nice.

Ronald H, 11

I love how I can spin up a web app for the entire world to see. I think KTBYTE is uniquely able to teach kids to make this kind of real world impact. The teachers have the educational background to cover everything, from applications to theory, Olympiad problems or real-world scalability and security.

Clive, 16

I've learned a lot about how computers actually work; they're not something magical like I thought before. I also like programming because I'm breaking a stereotype about women and going beyond an expectation. KTBYTE providesgreat opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

Julia W

My 8th grade daughter had an exciting experience competing in the State Science Fair with a machine learning project . The fair format was much more valuable than the math competitions in which she participated. Her instructor, Ben, guided her to a project she loved, based on the Harry Potter books. To our pleasant surprise, she got second place.


I learned so much from KTBYTE summer camp and I was able to develop my very first videogame! KTBYTE squeezed a semester worth of learning programming into a week, and yet I felt no difficulty understanding and applying what I’ve learned. The instructors are great, they are super nice and they taught us in a good pace.


Our Students

20+ students accepted into MIT PRIMES (2014-2018)
MIT Department of Mathematics: the highly selective Program for Research In Mathematics, Engineering, and Science for high school juniors across the United States.

140+ students placed in renowned USA Computing Olympiad Programming Competition (2014-2018)
USACO: computer programming competition for secondary school students in the United States. There are four competitions at four levels of difficulty: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Project-Based Learning

Level: FUN1a

Line Art made in JavaBlocks

Level: FUN2a

FUN2a Farmer Rabbit Chase

Level: FUN3a

Dino Jump created in Processing

Level: CS00a

Doodle Jump

Level: CS01a


Level: CS02a

Double Pendulum Simulation

Level: CS54

Attractors Project

Level: FUN1b

Poptart Catching Game

Level: FUN2b

Space Shooter made with Javablocks

Level: FUN3b

Space Shooter Game Created in Processing

Level: CS00b

Space Shooting Game

Level: CS01b

Desktop App

Level: CS02b

Dijkstra Algorithm Animation

Level: CS00a

Big Cube Small Cube

Level: CS00a

Cubist Generative Art

Level: CS00a

Phase Flow Generative Art

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Our online classes are live and interactive, just like in a regular classroom! Students use the KTCODER™, our proprietary platform with custom features that allows for a seamless online learning and coding experience. Students can see, hear, and text the teacher and other students. And unlike Zoom, the teacher can see and monitor all the student’s screens (we'll know if they're playing video games in class!).

Other Resources

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Participate in Programming Competitions

Daily Live Online Homework Help

Customer Support for Parents and Students

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Free Self Study Materials

Java Programming Textbook

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Audio Tutorials

A proven track record of student success
Thanks to KTBYTE, my daughter went from a complete beginner to being able to code. I find it amazing she can understand object-oriented programming at her age.

More importantly, she loves learning there and especially enjoys the other programs offered outside of the traditional computer science path.

- Parent, Florence L.

We tried many online training programs, but he quickly lost interest for multiple reasons... KTBYTE solved that problem for us, with highly capable instructors matched with an engaging curriculum.
I'm confident that the investment we've made in his coding education will pay dividends for years to come.

- Parent, Andy C.

As a parent, I am not only happy to see his growth in programming knowledge, but also his attitude of insistence on doing something

- Parent, H. Zeng

KTBYTE has provided such great opportunities for kids like Jonathan not only to learn programming, but also to share his knowledge and passion with others.

- Parent, Jing Z.",

The best thing about KTBYTE are the dedicated teachers…the easy access to classes from home, the availability of help during office hours, the flexibility of classes and scheduling, and the strength of the curriculum.

- Parent, Patty L.


Is KTBYTE right for my kid?

We have designed 30+ courses of different levels, progression speed, and topics for students ages 8-18. We can guarantee that your child will be able to find a course that suits his or her needs. Taking a with us is the best way to find out which course is best suited for your child, as well as to learn more about how your child can progress through our curriculum.

Does your program overlap with school?

Depending on the school, computer science classes at school range from offering simple Scratch programming to AP Computer Science courses for high school students. Because KTBYTE is a computer science academy, we offer progressive and comprehensive learning of computer science concepts, from beginner to college-level topics. This can be with the goal of taking the AP CS exam in the future, or with a skillset that allows students to broaden their learning and expand their abilities beyond what is offered at school.

How was your curriculum developed?

The KTBYTE core curriculum has 12 levels, and 19 supplemental course levels. This curriculum was created by several Cornell University Computer Science graduates who want to make top notch CS education a reality for students worldwide. Initially, KTBYTE only offered intermediate and advanced courses that were adapted from the Cornell computer science curriculum. Eventually, younger students wanted to be able to tackle courses at those levels, as well as have more course variety. So, KTBYTE introduced multiple levels for younger students to progressively gain core computer science skills in a fun, and exciting way.

How long are your courses?

Each course level requires 18 hours of class time to complete, and roughly 36 hours of homework (homework is option for younger students). The fastest speed at which students can complete the 18 hours of class is in 1 week (full-day camp for lower levels) and 3.4 weeks (for higher levels). For slower pacing, it can be completed in 18 weeks. We have many other pacing and class format options, which can be found in the individual course detail pages

How much homework should I expect?

Each course level requires 18 hours of class time to complete, and roughly 36 hours of homework (1-2 hours after each class). Depending on what level your student is in, homework can be optional or mandatory. We offer almost daily office hours, where students can join a teaching assistance live online to get homework help.

Who are your teachers?

Our teachers all have a background in computer science or mathematics, and have software engineering experience. They also go through extensive training to teach our curriculum. Visit our to learn more about our teachers.

What is the best age to join?

Students will get busier during high school, so starting earlier is recommended. Computer science is difficult and takes time to master. Student's can't jump straight into complex algorithms and expect to get it right away. Kids will learn faster and better while they're young, just like any language. CS uses logic, syntax, and other skills that are beneficial for core subjects like science, math, and language. It also shapes how one thinks and processes information – a skill known as ‘computational thinking’.

What is your tuition?

The tuition depends on the course level. This can be found on the . To know what course level to look at, take a with us. We offer a 5% sibling discount, 12% for returning students, and referral discounts (applies automatically at checkout).

Let us guide you on your Computer Science learning journey!

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