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4. Music Albums

Each music album has 10 songs. You can only afford 132 songs. How many full albums can you buy?

5. Social Followers

You have 42 followers. You gain 20 followers in a day. How many followers will you have in 10 days?

6. More Eggs

Alice bought 5 dozen eggs. Bob bought 7 packs of eggs, each with 8 eggs. Who bought more eggs?

7. Clock Tower

A clock tower chimes every 15 minutes. You heard a chime 2 minutes ago. Will it chime in the next 7 minutes?

1. Hello World

Print "Hello, xyz", where xyz is stored in a String variable

8. Tip

There are 5 people, each with $7 Can the group afford a tip after a $30 dinner?

2. Bags of candy (multiplication)

You have 11 bags of candy, and each bag has 12 pieces. How many pieces do you have total?

9. Car Rent

Car rental starts at $100. Each month afterwards is $1 extra. How much does 12 months cost?

3. Slices of Pizza

You have 42 pizza slices. After sharing with 5 people evenly, how many slices will be left over?

10. Bed Snacks

According to, how many years before age 40 are you allowed to snack before bed?

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