Computer Science
and Coding Classes

KTBYTE’s progressive curriculum was designed by a group of talented and forward thinking Cornell University Computer Science graduates who wanted to develop a superior level of in-person and online Computer Science education that would positively impact and educate students, aged 8 - 18 around the world.

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Core Classes

Our core classes are comprised of 12 progressive courses that allow students to go from coding with JavaBlocks by using a drag and drop style, to writing code all on their own from scratch using Java. These classes are the foundation of our curriculum and provide students the ability to excel in our elective courses.

BYTE Levels 1,2,3

Elementary and Middle School

KTBYTE offers Levels 1, 2, and 3 with courses that are progressive, and designed for students ages 8-11. Students write code using JavaBlocks, block-based programming that doesn't require them to type. JavaBlocks offers the same style and complexity of Java and helps young learners better retain theoretical knowledge

BYTE Levels 4 and 5

High School

KTBYTE offers Level 4 and 5 courses that are progressive, and designed for students age 13-18. Classes in this level are faster paced than the courses at previous levels, with assignments that typically take 1-2 hours to complete. Students will be able to apply conceptual understanding in actual applications and write open ended responses as answers to problems

BYTE Level 6


KTBYTE offers Level 6 courses with curriculum that encompasses not only Advanced Placement (AP) level material, but also more challenging and complex concepts. The expected workload and challenge which these courses present is equivalent to 100-level college courses. Most students average between age 13-18, but we have had students as young as 10 complete CS02 and CS02b

Most graduates of BYTE Level 6 opt to take our elective class to prepare for the AP exam in Computer Science

Core Classes Progression Chart

The 12 classes below show the progression of our core classes from elementary through college level curriculum. We also offer other progressive classes, which include topics like USACO, ACSL, AI, and Machine Learning.

Class progression chart

Art and Graphics

Create visual art with code

These courses explore ways of using algorithms and code to generate distinctive, interactive visual art. While some coding foundation is required, these courses focus less on math and logic rigor and more on experimentation and exploration.

Robotics Clubs and Smart Things Programs

Clubs for your students

In addition to coding classes, our students also enjoy robotics and smart things classes, where they get to work with hardware to compliment their computer science and software skills.

American Computer Science League (ACSL)

Classes to prepare you for the ACSL

Competitive computer programming and computer science contest that has multiple divisions. These range from elementary to senior, which we have had student achievements in all ACSL divisions.

USA Computing Olympiad (USACO)

Classes to prepare you for all levels of the prestigious programming competition

USACO is viewed as an impressive accomplishment by college admissions counselors as the competition is highly acclaimed as the most prestigious international computing contest at the high school level.

Machine Learning

College-level machine learning courses.

These project-oriented courses covers the math and theory behind modern machine learning algorithms, and guides students through the process of running machine learning experiments.

Software Development

Web and mobile app development courses for advanced students.

Courses cover tools and methods to develop modern, full-stack apps. Topics include UI, frontend programming, database, backend, web APIs, source control and unit testing.

Computer Science and Coding Electives

Electives | BYTE Levels 1, 2, 3

Elementary and Middle School

Students at these levels have a wide variety of unique classes that will allow them to pursue more specific interests. The most popular courses students enjoy are in Robotics, Game-Based Learning, and American Computer Science League (ACSL)

Electives | BYTE Levels 4 and 5

High School

It is not uncommon for top students to start these levels at age 10, which allows them the ability to take more advanced KTBYTE electives. Data Science and Hackathon courses are quickly gaining in popularity among our students, as well as the more challenging ACSL curriculum.

Electives | BYTE Level 6


KTBYTE curriculum for these electives are on par with 100 level college classes. Most students who enroll in them, have also finished at the top of the class in our level 6 core classes.