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Student Achievements

MIT Primes 2016

Congratulations to the five KTByte academy students who were admitted to MIT Primes: Dylan, Evan, Leo, Richard and Vishnu.
Congratulations to KTByte academy student Ben Chen (7th grade) who was admitted to MIT PRIMES STEP for middle school students.


USACO 2015-2016

Congrats to our students who placed in the 2015-2016 USA Computing Olympiad: Ben (Gold), Betsy (Platinum), Clive (Platinum), Kenny (Gold), Robert(Gold), Sky (Gold), Daniel (Gold), David (Silver), Dylan (Silver), Kevin (Silver), Patrick (Gold). Sanjit (Silver), Steve (Silver), Benjamin (Gold), LamAn (Silver), Richard (Gold), Evan (Silver), Rubin (Gold, not pictured) and Aaron (Silver, not pictured).


MIT Primes 2015

Congratulations to four past KTByte academy students who were admitted to MIT Primes: Betsy, Krishna, Willy and Eric (not pictured).


USACO 2014-2015

Congrats to our twelve students who placed in the 2014-2015 USA Computing Olympiad: Kenny (Silver), Ewen (Silver), Lenny (Silver), Sky (Silver), Krishna (Silver), Henry (Silver), Vishnu (Silver), Derek (Silver), Robert (Silver), Leo (Gold), Tyler (Silver, not pictured) and Eric (Gold, not pictured), .


USACO 2013-2014

Congrats to our five students who placed in the 2013-2014 USA Computing Olympiad: Willy (Gold), Frank (Silver), Betsy (Silver), and Leo (Silver), and Eric (Silver, not pictured).


2013 Lincoln Labs

Kapparate CS03 students Willy and Betsy won 1st place and $3000 with the "KittyByte Challenge" application (competition results). The team of two high school students, in addition to Kapparate instructor Ben, began the project on October 7th when the competition began. They posted the project on Reddit later that week. The project received over 100,000 problem attempts in the first 24 hours of publication.


If I were to rate KTByte’s summer program from 1 to 10, I would rate it an 11! Seriously. I learned so much from KTByte and I was able to develop my very first videogame at the end of the program! KTByte squeezed a semester worth of learning programming into a week, and yet I felt no difficulty understanding and applying what I’ve learned. The instructors are great, they are super nice and they taught us in a good pace.
Yavor (Summer Camp)
Going into the class completely clueless about computer science, I definitely feel like the class has given me a pretty good idea about the basics of computer language. The teachers were very helpful and knowledgeable and it was really fascinating to me how I could turn the data from my science fair project into WordNet graphics using the computer program.The overall dynamic (including animation, color changes, etc.) of my final project was amazing. I would strongly recommend this course to others.
Monica (Webconference Class)
[Ben, the instructor] is a natural teacher and excellent communicator who works diligently to show how programs work, and to build on the individual strengths and curiosity in each student. At the end of a single week in [the] class, my son had not only written and debugged a reasonably sophisticated game program, but had also acquired the knowledge needed to explain the program's design and data structures to an audience. [Ben, the instructor] achieved similar levels of success with each student, irrespective of their levels of preparedness. As a parent I was delighted to watch students from age 11 to 16 enthusiastically presenting their projects. It was clear to all that each student had benefited tremendously from the experience, and had delighted in the experience. How cool is that?
Chris Hart (Webconference Class)
[the instructor] has demonstrated to me that he has hard core knowledge of computer science with ways to make the programming experience fun for my daughter. He tailored his material to suit her needs and constantly making improvement of the lessons. My daughter also likes the skype share format, which is convenient for her to learn remotely one on one or in a small group of two.
For someone like me with an undergrad degree in a social science, software engineering has not been easy. With Ben's help, I feel more prepared than ever. While he tutored me in C++ and Computer Systems, he was able to connect my lessons with other computer science and software engineering topics. He has a real knack for making complex concepts accessible. He's patient, professional, and possess a super friendly demeanor. If you need help in a specific subject, or are looking to learn more about computers and computer science, I couldn't provide a stronger recommendation than for Ben.
Antonio (Graduate Level)
My son Jeffrey has been taking lessons with [the instructor] for a couple months now. He really enjoys it, and said that he would definitely stick with it. He has learned so much from [the instructor], and he loves the format of the classes. Skype allows for Jeffrey to interact with [the instructor] more easily, and that progresses his level even further.
Tony (Webconference Class)
My son loved the February camp program! He really got into his project and exuded enthusiasm when he presented his work on the last day of camp. He's only 12 and writing code! Ben, the instructor, is extremely talented both technically and with the kids. He has an easy and patient manor. I am so excited to find an activity for my son that he loves where he is also learning. We will definitely be back for summer camp!
April (Summer Camp)
Last night William talked a lot about computer camp to his friend on their way to basketball practice. William likes the camp so much that he had been kept praising Ben and other TAs, He was also excited to show us his cool project.... What impressed me most is he took quite some time to prepare and pack his lunch by himself last night, it is the first time ever!! I am so impressed by the friendly environment in the camp and William was quite inspired by Ben. Thank you so much!
Hui (Summer Camp)
We are so lucky to have [the instructor] teach Brian, [the instructor] is such a good teacher. Among those extra curriculum lessons Brian is taking, [the instructor]'s computer class is probably the most useful class, something which may benefit him the rest of his life!
Tao (Webconference Class)
I started out at the KTByte camps, and was quickly inspired to take lessons. I initially started out with Ben, but Chi-Bong joined later and is as awesome as Ben is. KTByte got me to like coding so much, I do it whenever I can. They've taught me so much, and I have had tons of fun while learning advanced concepts. KTByte is amazing for coders of pretty much all levels, I know for sure it has made me so much better than I could have been without them.
Pat (Webconference Class)
My name is Charles Yu, and I am a junior student at Torrey Pines High School in San Diego. Ben is an inspiring teacher. He taught me more than just computer languages and programming, but many other computer skills as well. Ben makes abstract and complicated ideas easy to understand. The computer skills that I learned from Ben have opened a new world to me. Just as an example: this year I am taking computer science AP class at my school. All the special skills I learned from Ben have benefited me in a much broader way.
Charles (Webconference Class)
I really like how the ktbyte program not only covered many topics of computer science, more so than I thought possible in one week's time, but also was very comprehensive, allowing the student to explore particular languages, instead of just covering java. It also, through the project component allowed us to explore more independently to create a finished project we're interested in, making the learning process painless and a way to find immediate applications for the covered material.
Jonathan (Webconference Class)