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  • Anyone in the world can take our live online webconference classes
  • Webconference allows personalized instruction from teacher
  • Zero travel time for students
  • Teacher can see the screens of all students at once
  • 1:8 Teacher-to-Student Ratio
  • We offer in-person classes in Lexington, MA
  • To ensure 1:1 attention, large class sizes have teaching assistants
  • In-person classes are currently offered for beginner and intermediate levels in the form of week-long camps as well as online semester classes

Why is Computer Science/Programming Important?

"Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think" -Steve Jobs

Improves abstract thinking, problem solving, and problem decomposition

Opens doors to many jobs. It is the #1 largest class at Harvard and Yale, with the highest median salary major attended by students from all majors.

Helps them feel comfortable with using computers

Drives improvement in other coursework such as Science and Math projects

Why Should Children Learn to Code Early?

Kids will learn faster and better while they're young, just like any language. They also have the time to do so now, as they will get busier starting in high school.

An empowering skill that allows them to confidently create, problem solve, and form solutions in a world of limitless possbilities

What is Computer Science?

Hear from our Students

Hundreds of live students, thousands of users. This is what a few of our students have to say:

Double click to play

(WASD controls) Willy W, 15 Years old, 2014

Our Comprehensive KTCODER

Individual Mode:

you can use the KTCODER for free!

If you're enrolled in a class, you can use the individual mode to self study, modify, run code from our projects page, and work on class assignments.

Classroom Mode:

The instructor will be able to see the student's coder (what they are typing and running).

Students can see and hear all the other students, as well as the teacher (just like in a regular classroom!)

Experience the Coder

For advanced level classes, KTBYTE provides a Virtual Machine for students to connect to from anywhere.

Wait... there's more!

  • Our full time instructors also created Free Java Programming Tutorials and Textbook for anyone who's interested
See Our Free Java Tutorials

We provide Report Cards for students and progress to track progress

We have Office Hours available to ensure that our students get all the help they need

We are

Helping kids learn computer science and programming since 2012.