Computer Science

Programming Classes, Ages 8 - 18

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Summer Afternoon / Evening

Ages 13+

July and August Summer classes, afternoon or evening. Each session consists of 18 week-days over a few weeks.

Web-conference live classes


Ages 8-12

Coding for kids. Learn applications, operating systems, and mathematics. Languages include Scratch, HTML, and some Java.

In-person (MA) and online classes

Week Long

Ages 9+

Our computer week long programs are in the style of a summer computer camp. February, April, Summer. Students learn presentation skills along side STEM.

In-person classes at our Massachusetts locations

1-Week Weeklong Daytime Classes Now Open!

  • Summer camp style. In-person classes
  • Available Feburary-August
  • Ages 9-14
  • Learn computer science with our full time instructors


Ages 13+

Intro & AP Computer Science level Java classes covering Object Oriented Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms.

In-person (MA) and online classes


Ages 13+

Apply machine learning and deep neural nets to science fairs or research projects. Prep for the USA Computing Olympiad, the nation's premier computing competition. Go beyond high school level CS.

Web-conference live classes

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Helping kids learn computer science and programming since 2012.

Thousands of students in-person and online. Our self-paced Java Tutorials and Textbook is also accessible without an account.

US States

KTBYTE contributed to my [process of] becoming the CS team captain

..And.. KTBYTE helped me place into USACO gold. My coding abilities helped me become a summer intern in a Computational Neuroscience lab at a Medical School. CS has served as a foundation for me to excel in all maths and sciences and has changed my frame of mind completely.

Patrick, 17

Being a TA has made me a better student

As a teaching assistant, I've been able to understand other programming styles and incorporate them into my own code. I've [also] been able to learn and incorporate other styles into my own work, which has been really cool and rewarding.

Jackson, 14

I really enjoy programming with Scratch

I feel proud that I can do cool things like use Photoshop, Wabbit Emu, and other programs. I also like touch typing, which [has made] me better at using the computer.

Olivia, 8

Computer science has helped me to see the world through a new lens.

I've been able to apply concepts that I've learned in CS to many other aspects of my life. KTBYTE got me interested in CS in the first place. If it weren't for the fun, challenging, and frankly amazing teaching that I experienced at my first KTBYTE camp, and every class since, I probably never would've become the CS enthusiast that I am today.

Kristen, 17

Programming demystified

I've learned a lot about how computers actually work; they're not something magical like I thought before. I also like programming because I'm breaking a stereotype about women and going beyond an expectation. KTBYTE provides great opportunities in this rapidly growing field.

Julia W

I would rate it 11 out of 10!

I learned so much from KTBYTE summer camp and I was able to develop my very first videogame! KTBYTE squeezed a semester worth of learning programming into a week, and yet I felt no difficulty understanding and applying what I’ve learned. The instructors are great, they are super nice and they taught us in a good pace.


Computer science is a base for other education

Learning computer science is really educational, and it is a useful skill and it's fun most of the time for all ages. It can help me to get a job in the future. During the classes, I also get to meet new people. The teachers are super nice.

Ronald H, 11

Computer science is so fundamentally empowering

I love how I can spin up a web app for the entire world to see. I think KTBYTE is uniquely able to teach kids to make this kind of real world impact. The teachers have the educational background to cover everything, from applications to theory, Olympiad problems or real-world scalability and security.

Clive, 16


Stimulate Interest

We encourage creativity. Explore web enabled games made by students.

Double click to play

(WASD controls) Willy W, 15 Years old, 2014


Appreciable Outcome

We teach all students, from beginner to olympiad level. Our rigorous guided assignment coder won the 2013 Lincoln Labs Education Hackathon.

MIT Primes 2014 - 2016

Congratulations to the nine KTBYTE academy students who were admitted to MIT Primes, and the two students admitted to MIT PRIMES STEP.

USACO Placement 2014-2016

Congrats to our 30 students who placed in the USA Computing Olympiad, including Rubin (Gold, not pictured) and Aaron (Silver, not pictured).

Total number of students placed and counting...


Webconference classes

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