Meet the team

that is reinventing online computer science education


Chi Bong Ho

Senior Instructor

Chi Bong graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science and a minor Applied Math and Mechanical Engineering. He worked at Microsoft and Amazon before joining KTBYTE as a senior instructor and developer. Fun Fact: He participated in evolving the Kindle! He attends the sheep-shearing festival yearly.

Andrew T.

Senior Instructor

Andrew graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science. He is our senior instructor and manages our curriculum. Before joining KTBYTE, he worked at Microsoft and worked as a private tutor. He is a tepid Capitals hockey fan and is an avid TV (Star Trek) connoisseur.

Benjamin P.

Senior Instructor

Benjamin graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science. He developed the KTBYTE Virtual Machine System as well as early versions of the Coder. He developed KTBYTE's audio lectures original curriculum including the recent CS5* and CS8* courses. He is also a cyclist and enjoys building quadcopters.

Victor L.


Victor graduated from Cornell with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Music. He is a multi-talented instructor and teaches a variety of courses. He currently lives in Wilmington, MA and he likes making music and playing video games (favorite is Monster Hunter World) in his free time.

George Z.


George graduated from Rutgers University with a major in Computer Science. Prior to graduating, he tutored fellow classmates in Math and Computer Science. He is currently a software engineer and KTBYTE instructor. In his spare time, he likes to hike with his dog Bear and play volleyball.

Noah A.


Noah graduated from the University of Texas system with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. He teaches SQL and Java to veterans and recent college graduates to help them launch a career in IT at Fortune 500 companies.

April Y.


April is currently studying Computer Science at Cornell University. As a Bay Area native, she grew up in the tech bubble and has had experience working at Facebook, MongoDB, and Zanbato. April is also extremely curious about the intersection of algorithms with stock trading, and will be pursuing trading internships with Cutler Group and Belvedere Trading. In her spare time, April loves playing the board game Go.

Kristen H.


Kristen Huie is a Mechanical Engineering student at Cornell University interested in mechanical design for the future, especially innovating the ways we move. Kristen has a lot of Java experience, and has worked with KTBYTE for 3+ years. She currently works as an undergraduate student researcher in the Autonomous Systems Lab and the Emergent Climate Risk Lab at Cornell University.

Alan K.


Alan graduated from St Johns College with a double major in math and philosophy. He is a wearer of many hats: an engaging and lively instructor, as well as being a community outreach manager. He is a seasoned world traveler and has lived in Japan. If you are ever in need of a fun fact, he is your best bet (beware of bamboozlement).

Kelsey J.


Kelsey is a freshman at Princeton University's School of Engineering and Applied Science. She has 4+ years of computer science experience, and primarily teaches our Chinese and English bilingual classes, as well as advanced office hours.

Sidarth R.


Sidarth is currently pursuing a Computer Science degree and Certification in Entrepreneurship at Brown University. He has been private tutors for middle/high school students in math and science and also has privately coached basketball to community youth. He is a Track and Field athlete at Brown and enjoys loves playing sports in his free time

Mark H.

Instructor, Curriculum Developer

Mark completed his undergraduate at Boston University in math and his masters at University of Massachusetts Boston in computer science. He has lots of experience in object oriented programming, Java, as well as graphics using C++. Along with math and programming, I also enjoy photography, cooking, and traveling.

Enoch C.


Enoch is a Cornell University student majoring in Computer Science. His academic interests are broad, spanning from web development to linguistics to philosophy. As a current teaching assistant at Cornell and former summer camp teacher, he loves teaching. In his free time he enjoys exploring all sorts of wild technologies, both hardware and software.

Sheila B.


Sheila is a recent graduate of the University of Florida’s Computer Science program. She is passionate about using code to solve problems and enjoys building custom software tools for her own and for others’ use when a need arises. She can get by in 5 languages, plays 4 instruments, and sees computer science as a wonderful way to facilitate those creative pursuits just as well as more pragmatic ones.

Liam C.


Liam is currently pursuing his computer science and computer engineering degree at Duke University, with a concentration in machine learning. He has been studying computer science for 5 years now. Java has always held a special place in his heart, and he is incredibly excited to teach it’s beauty and versatility to kids from all over the world!

Phoenix D.


Phoenix is an independent video game developer, software engineer, technical writer, and tutor, with experience teaching students, from teenagers to adults, how to program and make games. She had previously worked professionally as a software engineer and tester for government clients, as an IT Specialist at a large well-known tech company.

Daniel B.


Daniel is a Computer Science major at University of California, Irvine, with years of experience coding programs, tools, and games in a variety of languages such as Java, p5.js(Processing, but in JavaScript), JavaScript, and Python. He is passionate about programming interactive visual apps and games that are accessible to everyone, as well as educating the next generation of programmers, creators, and innovators.

Jessica A.


Jessica graduated from UC Berkeley with a double major in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and her teaching credential in just three years. She has years of experience as a full-time high school computer science teacher, designing curriculum and teaching everything from middle school to College Board to Masters classes.

Daniel P.


Daniel is studying computer science at Syracuse University. He has years of experience programming in many languages, including C++, Java, Python, HTML, Linux, and more!

Bobby G.


Bobby graduated from Purdue University with a major in Computer Science and minored in Entrepreneurship. He is a part-time computer science instructor and is currently in Seattle, Washington. He enjoys teaching in his spare time and also is a big fan of bowling.

Beth F.


Beth is studying Computer Science and Music at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She is a classically trained singer and in her free time loves to hike and drink boba.

Sara D.


Sara is studying computer science at Princeton University. Along with teaching, Sara has a passion for anything and everything outdoors. She spends her free time hiking, biking, and eating dried fruits.

Brendan S.


Brendan is a second-year student at Cornell University studying Electrical Computer Engineering. He is interested in computer architecture and high performance/energy-efficient computing. In his free time he enjoys playing and watching basketball.

Mahesh M.


Mahesh is currently pursuing a degree in computer science at the University of Virginia. He started programming his first year of high school and has been hooked ever since. Mahesh loves working with kids and has experience tutoring at his high school and local library. He hopes to foster a fun and educational atmosphere while he is teaching at KTBYTE.

Jonah S.


Jonah is a rising senior at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is pursuing a B.S.E in Computer Science and minoring in Physics and Math. He has been a tutor since high school, and tutors Penn students in Computer Science courses while also being the treasurer for the QuestBridge chapter at Penn. Along with teaching Computer Science, he loves making Android apps, bouldering, and going for runs along Pikes Peak!

Alan C.


Alan C is currently a computer science major at New York University minoring in mathematics. He enjoys making projects and competing in Hackathons. In his spare time, he watches productivity, coding, and fitness videos. He also enjoys golfing and plays for NYU's team.

Lauren H.


Lauren is a computer science major at Cornell, with experience in human-computer interaction design, data visualization, and web design. She enjoys languages, photography, and design!

Anish K.


Anish Kar is currently studying computer science at UC Berkeley. He has lots of experience teaching and tutoring computer courses. In his spare time, he loves playing ping pong, basketball, and sudoku.

Jenny Q.


Jenny graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in Industrial Design. She is a multidisciplinary designer who believes that design has a huge component in improving all aspects of the online learning experience.


Director of Operations

Katherine graduated from Wellesley College and got her masters in Education from Harvard. She is the operations manager at KTBYTE, and works with the Teaching Assistants (TAs). Prior to joining KTBYTE, she has worked in children’s publishing and at a childhood psychology center. Her favorite ice cream shop is Lizzie’s in Harvard Square!

Lily D.

China Operations Staff

Lily Duan holds a master's degree from the Electronic Information College of Wuhan University and a bachelor's degree in communication engineering from Xidian University. She has worked in the Information industry for 6 years, and has been with KTBYTE for 2 years. At KTBYTE, Lily is responsible for daily operation and management in China, and is the go-to person for parent support. In her free time, Lily enjoys running, music, is skilled at communicating with students, and has experience with Computer Science.

Seth G.


Seth is currently a computer science major at Skidmore College. He has a passion for medicine, and is actually a nationally certified EMT! He spends his free time skateboarding, developing apps, and napping excessively.

Abel L.

China Operations Staff

Abel graduated from the School of Computer Science at Wuhan University, and is responsible for operations in China.

Marc B.


Marc graduated from Tufts University with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Music. He has worked as a STEM instructor and developer for White Mountain Science and instructs Outward Bound courses. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, creating music, and backcountry skiing.

Lanting C.


Lanting is a sophomore studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. She is currently interested in web development and has built a registration system for Penn’s hackathon. She loves stuffed animals, especially those with big innocent eyes, and bubble tea.

Alex M.


Alex is currently studying Computer Science and Applied Mathematics at Cornell. I live outside Philadelphia where I enjoy fishing, boating, and swimming in my free time.

Nadia L.


Nadia is a graduate of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, where she studied Computer Science and Illustration. Having experienced homeschool, private school, public school, and two colleges, she is passionate about different forms of education. Her other passions include oil painting, traveling, and winning arguments.

Cale Q.


Student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Computer science and Music. He is a jazz pianist and choir singer, and likes to mix his passion for music with computer science.

Seth B.


Seth is still in the process of graduating with a degree in computer science from Binghamton University. He has had lots of experience in the past tutoring other students, especially with computer science. Along with computers, Seth really enjoys sports, his favorite being soccer and volleyball.

Jason Z.


Jason is going to study at Oxford University as an undergraduate in Computer Science. He runs KTBYTE's advanced office hours sessions. He runs a Minecraft server but in fact likes Roblox a tad more.

Jackson W.

Development Intern

Jackson is currently a senior at Bedford High School. He has been working as a software development intern since 9th grade. This past year, he has also been training incoming development interns. Jackson enjoys video games, playing electric bass, skiing, mountain biking, and drinking preposterous amounts of tea.

Patrick Z.

Development Intern and Instructor

Patrick Zhang is currently a senior at Lexington High School. He has worked at KTBYTE as a software development intern since 2017. Besides his experience at KTBYTE, he has qualified as a USACO finalist and does research through MIT PRIMES. In his free time, he likes to play video games and watch YouTube.

Ido K.


Ido is currently studying computer science at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Ido is an experienced web developer. His interests include entrepreneurship, ultimate frisbee, photography, and video creation.



Shiva J.


Shiva is a PhD Candidate in Computer Science (Big Data, Databases),and had her master’s degree of Computer Science (Data Science) at University of Southern California. Her previous experiences include working at Amazon and various other companies as a software engineer. In addition to programming, she also enjoys graphic design and animation.

Henry S.


Henry is currently a student at the University of California Irvine studying Computer Science and Engineering. His interests include music, specifically symphonic, marching, and jazz band.

William K.


William is a student at Tufts University, where he is pursuing a degree in computer science with a minor in entrepreneurial science. He started programming when he was 18 and has loved it ever since, with his favorite aspect of programming being developing algorithms. He has been teaching since high school, both as a swim instructor and as a math tutor. William is also a member of the varsity football team at Tufts, and likes to spend his spare time playing basketball with his friends.

Akiva G.


Akiva is currently studying at Princeton University, majoring in electrical engineering. He has experience both in software (low-level system programming) and hardware (chip design, circuit implementations, etc.), which stemmed from his passion for computers. At school, he works as a computer science grader and teaching assistant. He is also a huge cubs fan and loves hiking.

Ryan Wu


Ryan is a current computer science and economics double major at Dartmouth College. He has worked for Kumon learning center in the past and has experience tutoring kids. In his free time, Ryan enjoys swimming and skiing.

Jennifer R.


Jennifer Ravasia is a graduate of the computer science program at Tufts University. An eternal optimist, she is passionate about the positive impact of storytelling, games, and code! When she isn’t teaching game development or software coding, you can find her researching mythology, working on digital art, and solving whatever puzzles are thrown her way.

Tejas M.


Tejas is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science and Economics at Washington University in St. Louis. At school, he solidified his interest in computer science due to its broad applicability, which he realized from his experiences competing in consulting competitions that spanned topic areas across industries. In addition, as a math tutor and computer science TA at school, he developed a passion for spreading his interests in STEM through the medium of teaching. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games like chess and singing for his acapella group.

Brandon A.


Brandon graduated from Florida Polytechnic University with a B.S. degree in Computer Science. Before he started tutoring, he worked as a software developer for Cognizant Technology Solutions. His favorite activities are rock climbing and playing video games.

Robotics Team


Founder and Leader

KTBYTE student since 7th grade /TA / Robotics club founder and leader Rising senior at Lexington High School, MA MIT Research Science Institute (RSI) -2019 Multiple category winners and grand prize winners at the National Invention Convention 2017-2018 Diamond challenge national 1st place and international 2nd place 2019 Econ national winner 2018 Patent pending product


Leader and Smart Things founder

KTBYTE student since 5th grade/ TA / Robotics club leader and Smart Things Program founder Rising sophomore, Winchester High School, MA 1st Place Award and Best Engineering Award at the National Invention Convention 2019 2019 MIT Beaver Works Summer Camp USACO Gold Division Best in Grade (9-12 grade) at 2019 Northern New England Regional Invention Convention Judges’ Choice (Team) at 2019 Global Conference on Educational Robotics (GCER) (international) 6th Place (Team) at 2018 CSAW Red Qualification Round (national) 1st Place (Team) at 2019 Metrohacks



KTBYTE student since 6th grade /TA/ Robotics club leader Rising junior of Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science USACO Gold Division 2018 MIT Beaver Works Summer Camp 3rd place National Science Olympiad 2018 Game On (Coding Challenge) 2nd and 3rd MIT Science Olympiad Invitational 2018 1st Place MIT Blueprint 2019 2nd Place HackExeter 2019 1st Place Metrohacks 2019 Former Acton-Boxborough Idealab Competitive Programming Team Captain and coach Founder of Noctem Development


Leader and Design App founder

KTBYTE student since 4th grade /TA/Robotics club leader and Design App club founder Rising freshman of Acton-Boxborough High School MA Founder of ISODME, a website hosting and cloud services company used in 20+ countries by corporations, nonprofits, and freelancers alike USACO Silver Division 2nd Place winner and two-time finalist at the International Paradigm Challenge 1st Place at the NECINA Youth Entrepreneurship Service Competition Two-time finalist in the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Exposition Grand prize at MetroHacks 2019 Coach of a First Lego League team that earned a 1st place prize Co-organizer of hackathons and other events



KTBYTE student since 4th grade/TA/Robotics club leader Rising 8th grade at Lexington Diamond Middle School, MA 2nd place and the Government/Public Safety Award at National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Exposition (NICEE) 2018 2 gold medals and 2 bronze medals at the State Science Olympiad 8th place at National Science Olympiad MIT PRIMES STEP 2019



8th Grader at Jonas Clarke Middle School, Lexington USACO silver 2019 Most Innovative award by United Technologies at the National Invention Convention 2019 Best in electronics at the National Invention Convention 2019 1st place Disruptive Technology award by Topcoder at the Young Inventors Program 2019 1st place at the first KTBYTE invention Convention 2019 1st Place Massachusetts State Science Fair 2019 Top 300 Broadcom Masters 2019



KTBYTE Computer Science TA (2017-Present)/Robotics Club Leader (2019-Present) Sophomore at Lexington High School, MA KTBYTE student since 5th Grade MIT PRIMES, 2020 USACO Gold Division 2018 LHS FIRST Tech Challenge Team (2019-Present) MA State Science Olympiad 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medals (2017-2018)