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ACSL Beginner


Class Description:

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Sample Projects:

American Computer Science League preperation: Prep Class for the ACSL

HackerRank: the platform used for ACSL this year will be HackerRank

Extensive Problem Set Review


Computer Number Systems (Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal)

We covered how to convert from decimal to binary and binary to decimal. We also covered conversion from binary to octal and hex and back.

Working through Higher level problems

For this week, we will actually be doing some Junior Division problems! From the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 contests. Back then, there was no Elementary division, but I think a lot of our students can now handle these problems from a higher division.

Prefix, Infix and Postfix Notation

We introduced Contest 2 concepts relating to prefix/infix/postfix notation. For this class, I will begin by reminding students of PEMDAS/order of operations, and then I will transition into converting from infix to prefix, infix to postfix, etc. Near the end of class, I will review 2017-2018 elementary Contest 2 problems with students, with any unfinished work being assigned for homework.

Prefix/Postfix/Infix Notation

Today I will begin by reviewing how computers process prefix/postfix notation. Afterwards, we will go over the solutions to last week’s HW, and then we will look at contest 2 problems from last year

Boolean Algebra

Today I plan on teaching truth tables as well as not, and, and or operations (sorry if that last part was confusing). After today, students should feel comfortable answering the first three questions of any given Contest 3 practice test.

Boolean Algebra/Graph Theory

Hi everyone! Today we will have an in-class workday. Students who have not taken contest 3 (DEADLINE TO TAKE IS THIS SUNDAY) will be able to try a final practice test, while students who have take contest 3 will be able to read an introduction on graph theory (the contest 4 topic).

Graph Theory

Hi everyone! I'd just like to start off by saying that I am VERY pleased with everyone's performance on contest 3! Of the 20 individuals who took the test, 12 students scored a 5, and 4 students scored a 4. Today, I will introduce graph theory with an example involving a map of the US.

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