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Applied Data Structures


Class Description:

CS02b is a purely college-level course that begins to construct the conceptual framework students need to have to participate in national competitions. Notable applications include navigation or graph search using Dijkstra's algorithm with priority queues. This course features a heavy course load and requires a significant time commitment from students outside of class time. Recommended only for students who are able to study and learn independently.


CS02a or permission of instructor

Sample Projects:

Electric Tree: Graph Search Demo The further away from the root, the greater the color shift.

Dijkstra Algorithm Animation


Linked Lists Review

Generics & Inheritance Review, Intro to Trees


Binary Search Trees

Heaps & Priority Queues

String Encoding

Huffman Trees

Huffman Tree Project Intro

Project Work Time

Regular Expressions

Review of Trees, Intro to Graphs

Graphs Search

Graph Paths

Pathfinder Project Introduction

Pathfinder Project Time - Graph Construction & Display

Dijkstra's Algorithm

Project Time - Path Finding

Project Time - Debugging & Bonus Features

All Class Times

Fall Semester

Wed Sept 8 - Jan 26
7:30 PM - 8:30 PM ET
18 lessons
Main Teacher:
Andrew Tourtellot**
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Thurs Sep 9 - Jan 27
8:45 PM - 9:45 PM ET
18 lessons
Main Teacher:
Andrew Tourtellot**
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