Smart Things Program (Intermediate)


Class Description:

Want to learn a very powerful hardware and a very popular software simultaneously? Want to sense the world by what you create, control the world by you and what you create, and know the surroundings at anytime from anywhere? Here it comes! KTBYTE Smart Things Program.

After learning the basics of Raspberry Pi and Python in RS11, RS13 will advance your knowledge and skill to the next level of building several Smart Things (including an intelligent car!).

Required Hardware: a Raspberry Pi kit and accessories (~$100)

Clubs are run by qualified, award-winning KTBYTE Teaching Assistants.


RS11 and permission of instructor

Sample Projects:

All Class Times

9-Week Full Semester

Sun Jun 27 - Aug 29
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM ET
7 lessons
Main Teacher:
William Zhang**
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** Instructors currently scheduled are not guaranteed and could change at KTBYTE's discretion