Robotics Club (Advanced)


Class Description:

KTBYTE Advanced Club for Robotics and Smart Things is an online mini-class in the form of club activity. Students will get to work with either/both Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms. This advanced level is for students who continue from the intermediate level of either RS03 or RS13. Students in this club will further learn Arduino/Raspberry Pi through an independent-project based curriculum. After some brainstorming, each student will create his/her own project and will spend the session building upon it using sensors and code. The class is focused on the independent aspect, where students are expected to work on the bulk of the projects by themselves, and come in to ask questions and get guidance from the teacher. At the end of the session, several students in the class who have created excellent projects will be selected to present and compete at regional conventions in the spring. Top winners from the regional will be invited to the national convention. Since the start of this club in summer 2017, over ten KTBYTE students from this club have won top awards from the National Convention during the past three years. Many more students won top awards from regional competitions.

Clubs are run by qualified, award-winning KTBYTE Teaching Assistants.


RS03 or RS13 or permission of instructor

Sample Projects:

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