Summer term starts on June 17!

KTBlocks Creation Week-long Course


Full Course

$1065 USD
Before any discounts or coupons
for 30 hours

Class Description:

This week-long course is suitable for students ages 10+ with fair typing proficiency (10-20 WPM) and are comfortable with trial-and-error experimentation. This course will be taught using KTBlocks, our block-based coding platform tailor-made for easy transition into typed Java, Python or C++ programming. Students with prior exposure to other block-based platforms (, Scratch, Tynker) will find this course useful for transitioning to "typed-out" programming languages. Essential math and computing concepts (coordinates, state variables, conditionals, loops) will be taught, Students will learn to create various fun and interactive graphical projects. By the end of this course, students will create their own project / game with basic logic and game states.


10+ WPM typing speed and 5th grade math proficiency, or permission or instructor

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