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KTBYTE is leveraging technology and talent to ensure that students excel in Computer Science.

About working with KTBYTE

KTBYTE is located in Lexington, MA. We're a bootstrapped startup founded by several Cornell University Computer Science graduates who want to make top notch CS education a reality for students worldwide. Our core belief is that Computer Science can be taught in a personalized real-time manner and still scale. Our staff develops the curricula, technology, and relationships that ensure a seamless experience for novices and expert students alike.

Our employees are the most valuable assets of our company. We count on them to be knowledgable, creative, passionate, and effective. We are not a MOOC, and every employee interacts with students and parents before we build an online UX or workflow. However, we are also tireless at iterating scalable systems along side the human touch.

Working at KTBYTE is about making a direct impact on the lives of people we can see, not just accounts or users. Join us to break all limits on how much kids can learn and apply in the world.

Open positions


Software Development

Front End Engineer




Teachers and Instructors

Full Time Instructor

We are always looking for teaching talent. Because teaching interests vary widely, please contact us if you're interested.

Requirements: B.A. or B.S. from top CS program. Excellent communication skills. 2+ years of software industry experience or academic research.

Part Time Assistant Instructor

About You:

KTBYTE provides training and apprenticeship

Compensation: $30 / hour

Hours: Afternoons and evenings, typically 10 - 20 hours a week

Leadership Positions

Part Time Technical Advisor

KTBYTE is a growing bootstrapped education startup with an aggressive model: high-touch high-quality services along side effective automation. We believe that teacher-student human interaction is an unrelinquishable cornerstone of education, but we also believe that we need the best technology to make such interaction consistent and scalable.

Thus, we are looking for a web programming guru who can guide us on improving our code base while helping us grow our team. You, the candidate, should be very good with picking up multiple technologies, but you should also already have extensive experience in full stack web development (preferably with Java). You will work part time, but be open to the possibilities of a long term leadership role. Some responsibilities include:

Additionally, we have some culture fit requirements:


Student Positions

Student Software Engineering Intern

Come to our office and help us build software for our students. You will learn software engineering through real world practice and assignments.



Student Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistants (TAs) provide personal guidance to other students of all levels. They meet with students online via web conference or in person. Their responsibilities encompass a broad range of tasks, from helping students learn how to debug a game project -- to drawing out how a sophisticated tree/graph algorithm works. Teaching Assistants are picked out of KTBYTE's best students, especially those with competition or leadership experience. Because the teaching is often done one on one, TAs have to have strong emotional intelligence in addition to technical expertise.

TAs also have to multitask a lot. For example, a TA may have to come up with personalized examples to fit the personalities of the student -- while simultaneously determining the student's past experience and current challenges. Needless to say, the act of TAing is a good learning opportunity, in addition to be a rewarding way to help others like yourself.