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Generative Design


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for 18 hours

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Class Description:

This course focuses on exploring the depths of interactivity provided by Processing. We breakdown the four basic principles of design: Color, Shape, Typography, and Images, and see how we can make them interact in new and interesting ways. We cover concepts like harmonic oscillations, image decomposition, and attractors. This will also be many students first introduction to 3D programming. Unlike companion course, [GEN ART], this course emphasizes interactive agents and behavior.


Completion of [CORE 4b] or Instructor Approval

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in [GEN DESIGN]

Image Composition Project

Attractors Project

Harmonic Oscillations Project

Lissajous Figures Project

Interactive Grids Project

3D Shapes Project

Typography from String Manipulation

Typography Drawing Project

Shape Drawing Project

Image Effects Project


Static Text Effects

Dynamic Text Effects


Intro to 3d Graphics

3d Graphics Camera & Perspective

3d Graphics Modeling

3d Graphics Vertexes & Textures

Image manipulation