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Algorithms and Problem Solving in Java

[CORE 5a]

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Live Student Help Hours with Teaching Assistants
Office hours are led by our highly qualified teaching assistants. It is an easy and free way to get immediate feedback on your code. Our homework is difficult - office hours can help you overcome obstacles and develop a stronger understanding of the material!
Audio Lectures
We provide pre-recorded Audio Lectures to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.
Online Textbook
We provide an online, interactive, Java & Algorithms textbook to allow for students to self-study, practice, and learn CS.
Class Recordings
We provide recordings of our classes for if a student misses or needs to re-listen to a class.
Student Progress Report
The parent account dashboard allows for parents to track their student's progress in the class.

Class Description:

[CORE 5a] teaches students computer science through Java at an early university level. Students learn through hour-long lectures and weekly graded homework. Most students will find it necessary to to attend our student help hours for help. After about a year students will be well-prepared for the AP Computer Science exam.


[CORE 4b] or permission of instructor

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in [CORE 5a]

Fern Fractal: A demonstration of the concept of Recursion, where a piece of our code keeps calling itself.

Platformer Game: Exploration of object-oriented programming and using data structures to store objects in a game.

Flower Breeding: The bottom flower is the offspring of the flowers above it, where its' attributes are either inherited from the parents, or a result of the average of the parents.

Attractor: Sheet of dots that are evenly spaced, and left click or right click will attract or repel the dots.

Game of Life: Think of each cell as something that is alive or dead. If you have too few or too many neighbors, then the cells die. If there is the right amount of neighbors, the cells either continues living, or if it's dead, it will get respawn.

Connect 4 Game: Our program needs a 2-dimensional data structure to keep track of the board, and built-in logic to detect a win.



Loops 1

Loops 2

Arrays 1

2D Arrays

Loops and Arrays Review

Quiz 1 - Loops and Arrays

Recursion - Fern

Recursion 2 - Parameterization

Recursion 3 - Towers of Hanoi

Recursion Review and Flood Fill

Quiz 2 - Recursion (no Floodfill)

String and Char


ArrayList and References



Quiz 3 - Classes, References, and Collections