Summer term starts on June 17!

Object Oriented Programming in Java

[CORE 5b]

Full Course

$1601 USD
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for 18 hours and additional live student help hours

Class Description:

[CORE 5b] covers Advanced Placement and college-level computer science in Java. Students learn to use a professional development environment for in-class demos alongside weekly graded homework assignments. Most students find it necessary to attend student help hours for help with the homework. After this course, most students are ready for USACO courses or AP exam prep.


[CORE 5a] or permission of instructor

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Intro to Eclipse, References

The Object Class


Extends and Inheritance

Extends and Inheritance, Polymorphism

Review - Inheritance

Quiz 1 - Inheritance

Collections - ArrayList, Set, Iterators

Collections - Maps

Generic Types


Final Project - Overview

Review - Collections, Generics, Interfaces

Quiz 2 - Collections, Generics, Interfaces

Final Project - Web Apps

Final Project Workshop

Final Project - Debugging & Polish