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Python Level 3


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for 18 hours

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Class Project(s)
Students will make projects including a variety of games and applications. These can range from medium to advanced complexity.

Our Proprietary In-Browser Coding Platform.

The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Most coding classes require software downloads, which is difficult and a hassle for young students. Our platform supports Processing (Java), Python, C++, KTBlocks, HTML/CSS, and a bunch of libraries (like Soundcipher and Fisica!). This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our student's passion for learning.
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KTBYTE will e-mail parents with behavior and grade progess reports.

Class Description:

Python Level 3 is your passport to a deeper understanding of Python. We will start by reviewing the basics – lists, loops, functions, etc. – before moving on to more advanced features. We then go over more advanced functions and function algorithms, classes, and JSONS, which segways us into APIs and programs using free APIs. We finish off with an introduction to data statistics and science with Python, using Pandas’ DataFrames, Numpy, and Matplotlib’s Pyplot.


Age 13+, PY02 or Instructor Permisssion

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Sample Projects

These are examples of projects that students create as they grow their skills in [PYTHON 3]

Rock Paper Scissors: Python is a great language to learn to make simple games, like rock paper scissors against the computer!

Weather App: Towards the end of the course students will work on a final project that displays real weather data from the internet!

Tic Tac Toe: Students in this course learn to code basic artificial intelligence, including this tic tac toe opponent.

Whack a Mole: Timing events is an important concept to learn for many types of programs. Here we test our reaction time against the computer in a game of whack a mole!


Course Overview, Functions and Imports Review

Review intermediate Python coding skills with imports and functions including outputs and kwargs.

Lists and Dictionaries Review

Review List and Dictionaries, including putting these two data structures together.

File Input and Output

Learn how to read from files and write to a new file, including how to handle JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

Intro to APIs

Start learning about Application Programming Interfaces by digging into the Google Translate API and some other examples.

Google Translate API

Learn how to make API calls through the internet and write a program that can translate text!

Bing Image API

Today we'll explore a new API for getting images from the Internet via Bing.

First API Project

Start using what we've learned in this unit so far to create your own program using APIs.

Finishing Project 1

Finish your first API project

Creating Google API Project

Start to plan our next project, which will focus on using the various Google APIs.

Gmail API

Learn to use the Gmail API.

Another Google API

Learn to use another Google API like Google Drive.

Second API Project

Start using what we've learned in the second half of this unit to create a program using the Google APIs.

Finishing Project 2

Finish your second API project

Buffer Week

We may use this lesson to finish the unit on APIs, or start to dive into Data Analysis!

CSV and Pandas

Learn the basics of working with comma-separate value (CSV) files and the Pandas library.


We'll take our first steps towards visualizing data by using the powerful matplotlib library to draw graphs and charts.

Putting it all together - Google Sheets API to Matplotlib graph

Synthesize what we've learned so far by building our API and data analysis skills into the same project.

Looking to the Future

Wrap up any demos we haven't finished and discuss how we can continue using these skills for applications like data science and machine learning.