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Godot Engine


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Students will be introduced to C# and the Unity editor, where they'll learn to create 3D Graphics and desktop applications!

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The KTBYTE team developed the KTCoder™ with our students in mind! Our platform supports block-based and typed out code in the most popular coding languages: Java, Python, and C++. This revolutionary all-in-one coding platform supports our interactive online classes, our specialized curriculum, and (most importantly) our students' passion for learning.
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Class Description:

This class focuses on game development with the Godot game engine. Godot is an open-source engine that's rising in popularity amongst independent game developers and small teams. This course is intended for students who are new to game design and development, and serves as an introduction to the software and to the concepts needed to craft their own games! By the end of the course, students will have made a small game to share with friends, and have the fundamentals they'll to get going with more advanced projects.

Absolutely no background knowledge is required for this class - though a background in working with other game engines (such as Unity or Unreal) is always helpful!

Students should experiment with techniques and demos from class after each session. Try applying them to other pieces of art, animation, or games, or creating something totally new! Students will be encouraged to share ideas with the class that they found to be interesting or challenging throughout the course.


Ages 13 to 16, [CORE 4a] or Instructor Approval

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Intro to Godot and creating your first scene!

Welcome to Godot! Today, we will be getting everyone set up with the editor and building our first scenes, talking about StaticBody, CollisionShape, and MeshInstance!

Creating our first Character

We will be building on our first scene today, adding in a playable character and learning a bit about Godot's Script system and InputManager!

Instantiating Scenes and a first look at Materials!

Today, we will be building more complex objects and adding them to our scene while discussing the concept of a scene instance, as well as bringing a little color in as we discuss materials!

A second look at movement, with RigidBody3D

Today's lesson brings in a second method to add movement to your scene, directly affecting the physics with RigidBody! We will also discuss exporting variables and the camera rig.

Pickups and Collisions, spawning objects at Runtime

Today we will be creating some pickups for our player to, well, pick up! Once we have those built, we will move into discussing how we can spawn them while our game is being played.

UI and scoring

With our first game finishing up, we will take some time to discuss how to implement heads up displays and scoring.

Particle Systems, Lighting, and Documentation

Before we move into final project time, we will discuss how to polish things up a bit for our game with particle effects and lighting, as well as taking a look through the Godot documentation!

Project Work Time

The last parts of the course are determined based on the sorts of games that the students intend to create, though of course we will be right there to help!

Project Work Time

Continued work on final projects.

Building your Project into an Executable

With our games finishing up, it is time to start talking about how we can build them into a file that anyone can run. That way, we can get them ready for playtesting and, potentially, publishing!