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Elective Classes

KTBYTE offers a wide variety of unique classes that allow students to pursue more specific interests in art, robotics, competitions (ACSL and USACO), machine learning and software engineering.

Art and Graphics

Create visual art with code

These courses explore ways of using algorithms and code to generate distinctive, interactive visual art. While some coding foundation is required, these courses focus less on math and logic rigor and more on experimentation and exploration.

Game Based Learning - Unity
Godot Engine
Generative Art
Generative Design

Robotics Programs

Clubs for your students

In addition to coding classes, our students also enjoy robotics and smart things classes, where they get to work with hardware to compliment their computer science and software skills.

Robotics Club (Beginner)
Raspberry Pi Club (Beginner)
3D Printing Club
Robotics Club (Intermediate)
Raspberry Pi Club (Intermediate)
Robotics Advanced Club-I [ROBOTICS 3]
Robotics Advanced Club-II [ROBOTICS 4]

Python and Machine Learning

Courses in Python and college-level machine learning

The AI project-oriented courses cover the math and theory behind modern machine learning algorithms, and guides student through the process of running machine learning experiments. Our Python 1 and Python 2 courses are perfect for beginners with machine learning and research goals- these are about the same difficulty as Core3a and Core4a.

Artificial Intelligence for Beginners
Python Level 1
Python Level 2
Python Level 3
Intro to Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Practicum in Artificial Intelligence

Software Development

Web and mobile app development courses for advanced students.

Courses cover tools and methods to develop modern, full-stack apps. Topics include UI, frontend programming, database, backend, web APIs, source control and unit testing.

Intro to Web Development